Carbage run is an awesome adventure in an old piece of junk


What is Carbage run?

About Carbage run

Carbage run is a 5-day road trip through Europe in an old piece of junk. The rules are simple: the car is not worth more than 500 Euros and is at least 15 years old. This rally is not about speed. Fun and adventure are the most important ingredients. Along the way you will be challenged with crazy assignments that will put you in the most bizarre situations. Carbage run will take you over the most scenic and challenging roads that Europe has to offer. You will visit places you've never even heard of and will meet people you will remember for the rest of your life.

"Carbage run is not just an event or a road trip, it's a lifestyle!"


Carbage run was first launched in 2008 in The Netherlands, the first run took place in the summer of 2009. How we came up with the idea? We stole it! The name however was created by ourselves. Carbage is a combination of Car and Garbage. The first edition had 64 cars on the starting grid. Today some of our events consist of up to 600 cars and have thousands of people on waiting lists. After a few years we added a Winter Edition. When that was sold out we launched our most challenging adventure: the Carbage run Moped Edition (max. 49cc). After all editions sold out all the time, we expanded to Scandinavia. When that was sold out we decided to brighten the lives of the Germans by bringing them Carbage run.

What started as a hobby turned into a "serious" company that organizes all kinds of car-related events and travel packages. But Carbage run is still the backbone of our business and it always will be.
Carbage run is an awesome 5-day European road trip in an old scrappy car that cannot cost more than 500 Euros

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Carbage run travels through all European countries. But if you want to join Carbage run, please select you region.

Carbage run Netherlands

Launched in 2008

Summer edition
Winter edition
Moped edition

Carbage run Scandinavia

Launched in 2014

Summer edition

Carbage run Germany

Launched in 2016

Summer edition


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Who are you guys?

We're not only guys, there are some girls involved too. Carbage run is created by a Dutch company called "CRUM eventravel". Our headquarter is based in the Netherlands. The different events are organized from our regional offices. In total we are a team of 8 people who all have a passion for cars and travel.

Head office:
CRUM eventravel
Siebrandsweg 5
7812 BB Emmen
The Netherlands
Regional office:
Carbage run Scandinavia
Møllegården 27
6340 Kruså
Regional office:
CR eventravel
August-Prieshof-Straße 1
49716 Meppen
Carbage run is an awesome 5-day European road trip in an old scrappy car that cannot cost more than 500 Euros


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